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A Witch LARP

A Live Action Roleplaying event taking place near Stockholm 2-4 October 2015

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Frustunaby, 20 min walk from Gnesta Station. Trains go regularly from Stockholm Central Station.
An hour and half drive from Stockholm city center. There is a small car park next to the venue.

Four larger cabins built mid 17th century, beside a large lake with a space for outdoor grilling. One of the cabins is fully wheelchair accessible (including large toilet in same house) and there is a ramp avaliable for access to other houses. Let us know as soon as possible if you require this access.

Click here to see Pictures of Frustunaby

Date, Time & Players

The English Round 2-4 October.

29 players (16 years age limit).

The LARP starts on Friday with a workshop from 10:00.
Check in opens at 09:00. The workshop will start at 10:00 sharp, so please be ready to start then.
The LARP ends 13.00 on Sunday.
There will follow a lunch and a debrief, then we ask for your help to clean up the venue. We expect to be ready for checking out around 16:00.

Ticket price

Sponsor: 1100kr
Base price: 850kr
Reduced price: 650kr

Thanks to the support of we have been able to offer four reduced tickets.


The workshop is obligatory.
Starts at 10.00 and finishes at 16.00, with an hour for lunch (provided by us).
You then have an hour before the larp starts to prepare your things OFF.
You will be expected to have learnt the five powers before the workshop.

What to bring with you

  1. At least one pair of black clothing (that you are not afraid to get blood on).
  2. Bed linen (a pillow and a bed cover is provided).
  3. Toothbrush.
  4. Towel.
  5. Pyjamas.
  6. Indoor slippers (optional, but no shoes are allowed indoors).
  7. Ear plugs (optional, but you will be sharing a room).
  8. A WATCH (You’ll need it. The venue isn’t big, but it is big enough not to notice that everyone else has disappeared and there will be some times you are expected to keep).

Juniors: As your character you have arrived at the Coven the day of the LARP and will not be expected to bring more than minimal baggage.

Acting Supreme, Seconds and Seniors: Your character has lived in the Dahlin Coven for at least a year, some of you several years. You have the same minimum gear expectations as the Juniors but you may of course choose to bring more, to decorate your rooms etc.

Sleeping arrangements

The Supreme sleeps in her own room in the house called Lillstugan. No own toilet or shower.
The Seconds sleep in their own rooms in the house called Backstugan. One shared bathroom and shower.
The Seniors share two rooms, with two bunkbeds in each room, in the same house as the Seconds. One shared bathroom and shower.
The Juniors sleep in two dormitories in the house called Logementet. Three shared toilets and two showers.

We will not be dividing the rooms up by genders.
Remember that there are more than two genders present at this LARP.

Participant Contract

We the organizers promise you:

  • That there will be areas at the venue where you can go off-game, rest and feel safe.
  • A thrilling LARP with elements of horror and action.
  • Facebook groups for social interaction before the event takes place.
  • A workshop including character building, meta-techniques and safe words.
  • A safety host, in a set location, whom you can always reach during the LARP.
  • Your own sleeping place in a dorm, indoors, and three meals per day.
  • That we take our responsibility as organizers seriously and always strive to give our players the support, safety and help they need, to the best of our abilities.

As a participant we expect of you:

  • To contribute to an including and welcoming atmosphere.
  • To read and reflect on the information on the web site.
  • To keep up-to-date about new information in the facebook group. If you don’t have a facebook account, you need to create one or have regular contact with a friend who does.
  • To ask questions, if you have them. The faster you bring the question to our attention, the bigger the chance that we can answer quickly and affect changes if necessary.
  • To show up at the specified check-in time, and keep to specified times in general.
  • To respect and follow the rules and instructions from organizers.
  • To reflect upon and accept this simple fact: to attend a larp is like playing in an orchestra, not like going to the theatre. When you are registered and have paid your registration fee, we are counting on you. You are needed in the game and can not easily be replaced. (If an emergency occurs, contact the organizers as soon as possible).

Safety Agreement

  • The safety system used at the LARP is called Bloody, Easy and Tap out. It is explained under Game Mechanics.
  • There may be blood, bones and even animal parts present at the LARP. You will not be forced to participate in any scenes you feel uncomfortable with and an opt-out will always be provided.
  • Saying OFF cuts the scene and everyone involved goes off-game. We encourage you to use all safety words if and whenever you feel they are needed during the game.
  • Safety words are to be respected without hesitation. We, the organizers, will always support the use of the safety words and failure to respect the use of safety words will have consequences.
  • Scenes or play with a sexual under- or overtone between players need to be agreed upon in advance (with explicit consent). You are always welcome to speak to the safety host if you feel at all unsure or unsafe.
  • At this larp pushing (with open palms) and mild restraint (hand on wrists/ankles) may occur. Gun replicas can come to be used, these will not be loaded OFF. If this makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, for any reason, you are always welcome to speak to the safety host. And remember that the safety words always apply.
  • All other play based on violence needs to be agreed upon in advance (with explicit consent). Speak to the safety host if you feel at all unsure or unsafe.
  • Play or scenes based on sexism, racism, hbtq-phobia or able-ism are strictly forbidden.
  • Participants found breaking the rules of the safety document can be asked to leave the venue and LARP immediately or have their play restricted depending on the severity of the rule breaking. The final decision is made by the organizers.
  • If a fellow player brings a situation to light where they have felt unsafe, violated, or in any other way mistreated: listen. Ask what the player needs from you. You may want to offer a hug (ask, then wait for consent). Help them to get to the safety host.