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A Witch LARP

A Live Action Roleplaying event taking place near Stockholm 2-4 October 2015

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The Supreme

The Supreme Witch is the head of the coven; each coven has their own Supreme.

To become the Supreme of a coven you must complete The Five Trials. This means that the Supreme has proven themselves able to use all seven powers. Only one Supreme exists in each coven generation and you only take the trial once in your life, if at all. However this activation of a Supreme only occurs in covens of at least thirteen and above; meaning that a coven with less witches will not receive a new Supreme and often die out. This is the case for the Dahlin Coven, which only has an acting Supreme while they hope for the coven to gain enough members again.

The Supreme is not just the Coven leader; their attitude, morals and ethics affects the whole Coven and can make it stronger or weaker, righteous or criminal.

There will be one acting Supreme at the Dahlin Coven. This role will have additional responsibilities during the larp and be responsible for holding some lessons. This role will be casted.

The Seconds

The Seconds are the highest ranking witches under the Supreme. They are most often the other top candidates from the trial where the reigning Supreme was chosen. They assist the Supreme and are her right hand in all manners concerning the Coven. Like the Supreme, the Seconds have a huge influence on the coven; usually in charge of teaching the other witches they enforce the traditions, morals and ethics of the Supreme. And, at their own risk, maybe even try to push their own.

There are two Seconds at the Dahlin Coven. These roles will have additional responsibilities during the larp and be responsible for holding some lessons. These roles will be casted.

The Witches

Witches develop their first power in their early teens. It is not unusual for it to be very weak in the beginning or to mutate into a more powerful form as the witch grows. So unless the power is particularly strong or traumatic, most witches only start to become aware of their own power in their late teens. At that point a second power might even have begun developing.

Most witches only ever develop one to three powers; normally each one is consecutively weaker. A good coven helps a young witch to steer, amplify and even develop new powers. Without a coven the powers can be hard to control or to understand at all.

There exists a strict hierarchy within a coven. Even though only the Supreme and the Seconds receive an official title the timing which you entered a coven is reflected in your status. New arrivals are often referred to as juniors and the older members are their seniors. Disrespecting the hierarchy can have dire consequences. Seconds usually leave punishment of juniors up to the seniors.

The majority of roles at this larp will be juniors, newly arrived. The senior roles will have some additional responsibilities. Some of these seniors will be casted, all the juniors will be lotted.

All seniors and juniors will be written as between 17-21 in age, regardless of the players age OFF.

The Household

The household includes the cooks and the staff. Most of them have been a part of the Dahlin household for many years.

The household is made up of the organizers and their assistants.

Friends & Family

In your character description you will find that some of the people in your characters life may have been mentioned. Since the LARP is set in the present time you will be able to phone some these characters, if you wish, during the LARP. We strongly encourage you to invite people to play either these roles, or others which you feel would benefit your character.

Friends and family are played by people you invite yourself.

The Witch Hunters

This is a team assembled and sent out by the Swedish branch of the witch hunters. Many of them have worked together before and they are all related somewhere down the line. The duty of hunting and exterminating witches is a family one.

NPC group.