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A Witch LARP

A Live Action Roleplaying event taking place near Stockholm 2-4 October 2015

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Coven takes place in a newly, rather unwillingly, formed coven of witches: present day, Sweden.

This is a LARP about cool powers, the witches that wield them and the people trying to kill them for it.

Come and indulge in classic high school tropes, make friends, make enemies, be betrayed, fall in love. Maybe even accidentally kill someone and desperately try to resurrect them before the Supreme Witch finds out… or simply cover your tracks.

The mood is tense. The future is uncertain. You have either way too little power, or too much, to be in control of your own destiny. You have to make friends. You have to trust. You have to help each other or you’ll most probably die soon, maybe sooner than you think.

But first you have to work out where the biggest threat lies: outside the coven or within it?


We use the word witch in the gender neutral sense. Anyone with magical abilities are called witches.

This is a Nordic LARP: it will focus heavily on the relationship between characters, use meta-techniques and try to make things look as realistic as possible.

It is a LARP filled with contradictions to help create inner and outer struggles for the characters:

  • Power vs Helplessness
  • Friendship vs Hierarchy
  • Teenage Angst vs Immense Responsibility

We want to create a LARP which is accessible to both new and more experienced larpers. We therefore aim to make the tools needed to play the game simple and flexible, so that all players can create as epic, fun or miserable an in game experience as they want, at their own pace. Previous experience with Nordic LARP and meta-techniques will unavoidably be an advantage; but we aim to give all the information, support, and workshops we can to make it as inclusive as possible.


Our fiction is inspired by the show “American Horror Story: Coven”. You can watch this if you want, but it is not necessary in order to participate in the LARP. We have picked out what we believe is the core of the series: horror, teenage angst, powers and tense character relationships.

Another inspiration is the Swedish book “Cirkeln”. The book is avaliable in English (and 24 other languages). The first part of the trilogy has also been made into a film. This too is not necessary for you to read or watch in order to participate in the LARP. We are inspired by the books use of stereotypical archetypes, that turn out to have much more complexity and depth. We take this with us in our character creation for “Coven”.

Contents Warning

This LARP will contain in game elements of; horror, group pressure, bullying, violence and very likely some blood and gore.

This LARP will not contain real alcohol, sex or drugs.

For more information about well-being and safety at the LARP, see the participant contract and safety agreement under practical.