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A Witch LARP

A Live Action Roleplaying event taking place near Stockholm 2-4 October 2015

Klicka här för svenska omgången 18-20 September 2015

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About Magic

Vitalis: Power of Resurrection

Transfero: Shifting injury and emotion to others

Mortis: Touch of Death

Clairvoyance: Mind Reading

Concillium: Mind Control


Besides our awesome players, we have also received funding from Larpfund.


Berättelsefrämjandet is helping with payments.


We have also received monetary support from Kreativa Kompaniet.



Coven takes place in a newly, rather unwillingly, formed coven of witches: present day, Sweden.

This is a LARP about cool powers, the witches that wield them and the people trying to kill them for it.

Come and indulge in classic high school tropes, make friends, make enemies, be betrayed, fall in love. Maybe even accidentally kill someone and desperately try to resurrect them before the Supreme Witch finds out… or simply cover your tracks.

The mood is tense. The future is uncertain. You have either way too little power, or too much, to be in control of your own destiny. You have to make friends. You have to trust. You have to help each other or you’ll most probably die soon, maybe sooner than you think.

But first you have to work out where the biggest threat lies: outside the coven or within it?